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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Melbourne Writer's Festival - "The Shadow of War"

1pm session
“The shadow of war” – Leon Davidson, Michael Hyde and Michael Gerard Bauer

Leon Davidson is a New Zealand writer who talked about personalised stories of war. He particularly focused on the silence that often surrounds returning soldiers after a war and remarked that war is too often glorified in books and movies, preferring to gloss over the real horrors. He was a very serious speaker and I'm not sure that he quite managed to portray his passion for the topic.

Michael Hyde
began by pulling out the file ASIO holds on him and proceeded to present himself as a writer and activist. He is very outspoken and passionate in his anti-war message. His public speaking voice is much like his writing – very authentically Australian.

Michael Gerard Bauer spoke about his debut novel The Running Man and the effect that the Vietnam War had on his character, Tom Leyton. Also talked about the issues surrounding returning soldiers and the way they feel unable to talk about the horrors they’ve experiences for fear of burdening others. A gracious and warm public speaker.


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