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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Melbourne Writer's Festival - "Suddenly it came to me"

11:30 session
“Suddenly it came to me” – Martine Murray, Prue Mason and Sonya Hartnett

Martine Murray talked about where her ideas come from. She explained that she largely gets her inspiration on the run, stating “I write in order to find out what I will write. Building one sentence from the other.” She suggested that young writers start with a particular image that strikes them as interesting and then weave in imagination and experience.

Prue Mason is the author of Camel Rider. She explained that she (literally) dreamed up the story for her book. I didn’t find this a particularly useful strategy for writing to present to a young audience and I didn’t find her a particularly interesting public speaker.

Sonya Hartnett read her speech from a script but appeared fluid and relaxed in her delivery. She explained that the original idea for The Silver Donkey was conceived in an antiques shop in Ballarat where she discovered a small silver ornamental donkey. She gave her young audience some useful tips for writing in a positive and encouraging manner.


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