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Saturday, October 15, 2005

My reflections on 'Recreational Reading for Young People 2005'

'Recreational Reading for Young People' has been a valuable professional development tool for me this year. I have appreciated having the extra impetus to keep up my YA reading and enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss my reading experiences and share those of others in class.

Some other elements of the course that I have found particularly valuable are:
  • The work that we did on deconstructing picture story books
  • Discussion of relevant book awards such as CBCA Book of the Year and other OS awards
  • Our requirement to attend the Melbourne Writer's Festival
  • Discussion of genre studies - horror and chick lit.
  • The tutorial paper that I presented about using blog technology to discuss YA lit.

Some suggestions I have for the course are:

  • I felt that I did not have sufficient time to complete the first assessment task in one week
  • It would be great to get a YA Author in as a guest speaker
  • It might have been interesting to do an author study as one of our assessment pieces

Overall I have very much enjoyed the course. I think that to a large extent that this was due to the quality of the teaching. I would like to extend my personal thanks to my lecturer for all the work she's put into planning and presenting a dynamic and challenging program for us.


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Blogger Noelle said...

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